LEDs Are Not Hot!

LED_light_bulbEveryone is going crazy for LED light bulbs saying that they are the next big thing in lighting, but the professionals are saying that the LED light bulbs are indeed fantastic inventions but they are not so hot!

LED light bulbs are incredibly energy efficient, where as 80% of the energy of a normal light bulb is wasted in heat, as opposed to the light produced, LED light bulbs offer nearly the complete opposite with 20% wasted on heat and a huge 80% of the energy being used to produce light – this is why these phenomenal lights are not so hot, but why they are also the hottest next thing!

The LED light bulb is offers a light-emitting service, not a heat-emitting service, this means that they are cool to the touch making them safer to change than normal bulbs and they also offer a fire-resistant alternative to make your home lighting safer.

Because LED light bulbs offer lower energy consumption than the regular light bulb it means they are much more cost efficient, LED lightregular light bulb bulbs last a lot longer than normal light bulbs and they are more solid so can withstand bumps and knocks a lot better then the normal light bulb.

Then you’ll notice a huge saving on your energy bills as the LED light bulb consumes six to eight times less energy than the filament of a conventional light bulb.

There are lots of wonderful advantages of a LED light bulb when compared to a regular light bulb. Most home owners would state the biggest things they look for in lighting is cost and safety. We have already stated how the LED light bulbs are safer as they are not hot to touch and they are harder to break.

Although LED light bulbs may be more costly in the shop than the usual light bulb you buy, you will find that the LED light bulb lasts a lot longer and your energy bills will have a noticeable drop as less energy is being used to light your room.

LED-Christmas-Light-YF-01-Next time your light bulb goes just think about LED lighting and how it could save you money.