The Advantages of LED Light Bulbs

LED-Christmas-Light-YF-01-We are all being told that LED light bulbs are the next best thing, but we asked LED light bulb sellers, SND Electrical what was so great about LED light bulbs. Listed below are just a few reasons why LED light bulbs are so great;

  • LED light bulbs are solid; this means they are much harder to break through bumps and rough handling. Unlike the regular light bulb which is incredibly fragile.
  • The durability of a regular light bulb is far lower than the durability of an LED light bulb; this makes the LED light bulb far better for its money.
  • You may notice that an LED light bulb is more expensive than a regular light bulb, but it is said that an LED light bulb can work for at least fifty times longer than a regular light bulb. Imagine how much 50 regular light bulbs would have cost???
  • It has been proven that an LED light bulb consumers six to eight times less energy that a normal light bulb. Just think how much affect this would have on your energy bills?
  • The energy consumption of an LED light bulb is light-emitting, not heat-emitting, meaning that they are not hot to the touch, so safer to change. On top of that they are more energy efficient than normal bulbs as less energy is being wasted on heat emitting.
  • It is obvious in the biggest or smallest room that LED light bulbs are much brighter than normal bulbs meaning that they can really make a room look a lot lighter and brighter.
  • Because LED light bulbs comply with RoHS standards and UL standards they are a very safe and eco-friendly lighting option at any time.
  • LED light bulbs are available in a wide variety of colours, much wider than your normal light bulb can offer. Similar to normal light bulbs they are available in different shapes and sizes too.
  • led bathroom_335x226Due to the fact LED light bulbs operate a low voltage with very little power they are safe to work in wet environments like bathrooms and shower rooms.
  • Further to the mechanical robust level of the LED light bulb it means that they are ideal for headlights on automotive vehicles and outdoor sports along with all sorts of other gadgets.

As you would expect, if something better than its competition is available it does tend to be more expensive. This is the case, the LED light bulb is more expensive than a regular light bulb but due to life span of the LED light bulb and the energy efficiency it works out a LOT cheaper in the long run. And that’s not including all the other advantages of the LED light bulb!