Light Up Your Christmas

cartoon-santaChristmas is nearly here and the streets are filled with lights and colours which bring the festive season a bit of colour.

You too can add colour to your home with some beautiful LED light bulbs. There are many colours that can bring your home to life this winter and make you the envy of the street. The best thing about LED light bulbs is that you can use them pretty much anywhere and everywhere and they still look great.

LED light strips are bright and flexible which means they can mould to your home. They also come with self-adhesive backing which means they can be applied to pretty much any surface. The LED light bulbs aren’t only for the winter season, once they have been showcased over the festive period and every other decoration goes back in its box, the lights can be used for accent lighting, cove lighting, back-lighting or even under your kitchen work surfaces. Like I said, everywhere and anywhere.

If you have a tiny surface you need the light for, don’t worry, the LED light strips can be cut every 75mm and soldered LED light stripstogether and will work as well as they should. The same applies if you need to cover a huge space; the light strips are easily mouldable to any nook or cranny.

With a life span of up to 50,000 hours it means that not only are they great quality but it will also be quality that lasts. Another added bonus is that they light strips do not get hot because they use their energy to light the bulb and doesn’t heat up, so you don’t get a nasty shock if you or someone else’s accidently touches them. Bright, colourful and safe, it is possible!

Well, I think you’ll agree that’s a light of your mind!