Ultimate Car Accessory

Car show2012 is quickly drawing to a close and the car show circuit drys up around this time of year so why not get your car ready to wow spectators at next year’s shows?

Your car impressed a few people over the past year but no one stopped and said ‘wow’. Well fear not, we have a secret weapon that can give your car that extra bit of sparkle to ensure your car keeps those heads turning.

I’m on about LED light bulbs and strips of course. By installing these durable and flexible strips into your car and brighten up its image. Does your dashboard need to be livened up a bit? The LED light strips can be easily stuck to any surface in any position and ensure your car gets the desired look you strive for.

LED interiorYou could even run the lighting along the floor and under the seats to spruce things up a bit. Be innovative, be original. Your car is your ultimate accessory and upgrading its interior will set it above the crowd at the next show. You can even add it to other areas of your car, like the boot for example. You can apply it round your custom boot build or around your speakers, literally anywhere. LED light strips and bulbs can be used to great effect, but don’t just take our word for it. Try it and see spectators eyes light up.

The LED light strips can be cut and soldered into any length so that even the smallest of areas can look colourful. You could Light_strips_blackeven get a colour similar to your exterior or have a different one completely. Red, blue, white, whatever you want. Another bonus is they don’t heat up unlike normal lights which means you can feel safe applying them to fabrics like your seat or the floor mats.

Go on, start a trend and bring your car to life.