York is getting a Long Awaited Makeover

York getting a makeoverThe city of York has been a topic of discussion for many governments and the improvements planned for this city of England is now being put to practice.

The council of York are taking every necessary step to keep up the appearance of their esteemed city that is visited by hundreds of visitors every year. The centre of York is now being facilitated with new lighting and seating which is a part of a £200,000 makeover planned for the city.

In order to assist the elderly, disabled and wheelchair users the City of York Council has decided to bring in some changes. These improvements, including new seating, will take place around Petersgate and Colliergate. For further improvement, new LED lighting is also being installed. These LED light bulbs make energy consumption even low and would yorkcouncil_logoresult in lower electricity bills to be paid by the Council.

This improvement project is a part of a big £3.3m plan which was called Reinvigorate York. The work has already commenced in York and currently close to completion. The estimated completion time for this plan is set to be the end of March or early April if things go as planned.

The LED lighting will reduce the lighting bills of the city and will brighten the streets which will bring an added benefit for CCTV cameras. The York Council is very enthusiastic about the Reinvigorate York project and is looking forward to the positive change it will bring in the city centre.York

York council has confirmed that this is just the start of the few changes that will be made within the city to improve the life of the York residents and visitors. The other plans are also going to be released soon and the success of Reinvigorate York will be closely monitored before these other plans take affect.