New York’s Big Saver

New york street lightsBy 2019, New York hopes to change all the streetlights in the whole of New York City to LED lighting. Of course, this is no small task.

However, when the project is finally completed, the city hopes to see a whopping 35% drop in the amount of energy consumption it currently uses for street lights, due to the fact that LED simply uses less energy consumption.

By the end of 2012, the Central Park project was complete and all the bulbs were successfully changed to LED light bulbs, totalling a shocking 1,500 fixtures just on pedestrian street.

In central park, before changes, in the park alone each metal halide bulb consumed 175-watts of energy. After changes, the 3 number figures dropped significantly to only 90-watts of energy being consumed per bulb, saving the park a whole lot of energy and presumably money as well.

It is estimated that through this LED change, New York will save up to an incredible $700,000 a year in energy consumption and around $250,000 per year in energy savings.reduce carbon footprint

As well as saving on energy, the city will also reduce their carbon footprint as it has been proven through research that less energy consumption reduces the amount of CO2 emissions escaping and polluting the air.

Furthermore, the lifetime of the bulbs in comparison to the standard incandescent bulbs, is a staggering figure. It is estimated that the LED bulbs will last up to 50,000 hours, estimated at around a 7 years warranty.

So, New York’s big energy saver project is now in place and through this LED light bulb project, they hope to save thousands and thousands in energy savings and energy consumption.

So, as you can see there are various benefits of LED lighting including reduced carbon footprint. The energy consumption level can drop by up to 90% and the bulbs will last longer as well. This will benefit New York on a massive scale as a money saver as well as an energy saver over the next 7 years.