Light In The Heart Of Africa

Using complex LED lighting technology, a graduate has recently been found to have created and developed a led lighting system which will be used to illuminate areas in Africa where there is no possibility of mains electricity.

The aim of the project was to design a special lamp which can be used for serious circumstances such as medical emergencies and procedures such as child birth and hospital care.

At this current moment, Africa does not have a dependable and consistent electricity network, including a street light system in pastoral areas and there is only enough electricity to efficiently power one light bulb for three hours a day per person at a time. This means that blackouts and long-lasting power cuts are common in these rural areas.

LED Light BUlb


With only one quarter of the whole of the population of sub-Saharan Africa having access to reliable electricity sources, the new electrical lamp system hopes to restore power and peace to the country in times of need.

With so many undeveloped countries in need of such simple necessities, the rise in demand for more LED lighting networks and their benefits are on the increase.

Not only are LED lights cheaper, they are long-lasting and more efficient than normal incandescent bulbs as they emit light in one direction only, making them ideal for medical emergencies in undeveloped countries such as Africa and South East Asia.

The way the LED light Bulbs emit also saves energy which is crucial when it comes to a limited electricity supply in these countries.