T for Tiffany

Tiffany lights are so unique that given a vintage surrounding they have the ability to blend into their environment as well as to stand out like a sore thumb against old-fashioned furniture. It would be fair to say that these magnificent lights steal the limelight when it comes to home furniture and you can see why.

With such a vast range of Tiffany inspired lamp shade designs, each table lamp possesses its own special charm. Each Tiffany styled table lamp projects a light intensity perfect for bedrooms and living areas and floods the room with a warm, yellow glow which is ideal for making your house feel homely and cosy.

Tiffany lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours making them ideal to suit any household interior, although they appear best suited to homes with a vintage edge.

The lights beautiful mosaic glass designs are incomparable to any other ceiling, floor or table lamp which is what makes them so special.

No Tiffany light is exactly identical meaning that each one is branded with its own individual quality somewhere on the lamp, whether it is in the stained glass shade or in the perfectly carved stand.

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